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Pure™ Exosomes Isolation Kit

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Product Detail

    Pure™ Exosomes Isolation Kits contain two IA columns or one IIA can be used to isolate exosomes from all kinds of samples, such as condition cell culture medium, urine, and plasma/serum

    A  no more than 1 ml sample should be applied to column IA.

    A no more than 4 ml sample should be applied to column IIA.

    All the columns can directly be used with a manual purification system under gravity or a constant flow pump.

    The column can be connected with FPLC (GE, AKTA) using a special adapter as accessories

    The column can be used again following the regeneration of washing with the equilibrium buffer, after every round of isolation.

    The regular maintenance keeps the column staying at good performance.


    High recovery   >90% exosomes from the sample retained in the eluent.

    High reliability purification dependent on size exclusion chromatography.

    High availability low damage to the activity of exosomes.

    Easy operation   compatible with gravity constant flow pump and FPLC.

    Fast purification   isolation procedure in around 15 min.

    Low cost   reusable isolation column declines the use cost.


    Pure™ Exosomes Isolation Kit for Cell Culture Medium I/II/III/IV/V 23SBI020101-1/2/3/4/5

    Pure™ Exosomes Isolation Kit for Blood I/II/III 23SBI020201-1/2/3

    Pure™ Exosomes Isolation Kit for Urine I/II/III/IV/V 23SBI020301-1/2/3/4/5