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PCR tubes

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    Biomorey of PCR single tube (flat cover)

    Biomorey biological PCR single tube is made of polypropylene (PP). Its thin wall and smooth surface ensure the effectiveness and uniformity of heat transfer between samples. It is suitable for mainstream PCR instrument and real-time PCR instrument in the market. Under the condition of using hot cover, the reaction volume loss is less than 0.2%.
    ·Using clean polypropylene (PP) raw material, the pipe wall is thin, and the thickness is uniform to ensure good heat conduction.
    ·The pipe cover and the pipe body are connected in an integrated way, which has good sealing performance, prevents pollution, and is easy to open the cover.
    ·No DNase, RNase, heat source and inhibitor pollution.



    Product name

    Package specification

    PCR tubes


    0.2ml PCR single tube, transparent, flat cover

    1000 pieces / bag, 10 bags / box