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Product Detail

    filter element

    texture of material:Polypropylene (PP)
    Size:Standard size, suitable for common pipettes on the market
    Inner wall:The inner wall is smooth to reduce the residual liquid and ensure the accuracy of suction
    Raw materials:Imported high quality PP raw materials, in line with USP class VI standard
    filter element:High quality filter element, pure UHMWPE, unique processing technology
    Hydrophobicity:Super hydrophobic, hydrophobic filter element forms a solid barrier for aerosol, eliminating the
    risk of cross contamination between sample and pipette
    Aperture:Optimize the pore size to ensure smooth sample absorption
    Temperature resistance:Tolerance temperature range: - 80 ℃ - 121 ℃, no deformation after high temperature and high
    Technology:Super fine grinding molding technology, without mold release agent, ensures better product
    Design:Innovative design ensures good flexibility, sealing and compatibility of products
    Workshop:No heat source, no endotoxin, no DNA enzyme, no RNA enzyme
    Transparency:It has good transparency and is convenient to observe the liquid level when using
    Tolerance:It can be used to absorb various organic solvents
    Specifications:Complete specifications, 10ul, 10ul lengthening, 200ul, 200ul thickening, 300ul, 1000ul, 1000ul
    lengthening (1250ul); bag and box sterilization, filter element, low adsorption


    Article number

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    Package specification

    20μL/50μL/100μLS800708Sterilization of 20ul filter cartridge96 pieces / box, 50 boxes / box
    S800908Sterilization of 50ul filter cartridge96 pieces / box, 50 boxes / box
    S800808Sterilization of 100ul filter cartridge96 pieces / box, 50 boxes / box